Gambino Alliance featured a collaboration with the remarkable Miami-based artist Arturo Correa. Over the years, Correa has been recognized globally for his visual concepts and creations. As a firm believer of dreams, Correa supported Gambino Alliance by designing an exclusive piece of art. Correa's first exhibition was held in 1995, in his native Valencia. Since then, Venezuela and the United States have witnessed over fifty individual and group exhibitions of this visual artist.


"Transmitting a dream is something that requieres knowledge, courage and a little magic"
Arturo Correa


Gambino Alliance: inspired by art, based on timeless roots, defined by high quality.


The concept:

Two icons, Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashian.

We're consumers of what we see throughout the media.

This work of art was precisely divided into 2 sections.

The television color bars, showing a range of colors, used to ensure that all colors are displayed correctly and the visual, Marilyn and Kim.


About Gambino Alliance:


Gambino Alliance is derived from the Gambino Family - a family of power during the prohibition era. During the prohibition era, men dressed to impress. With Gambino Alliance, we're looking to combine style and class. Our shoe is about empowerment. The power of being made with the strongest, most durable materials that can withstand various weather elements. These shoes were made for leaders, for those who believe in standing apart from the crowd. Those who make their own paths, instead of following the one’s already paved by others.