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an acronym for Arturo Correa



I created Daydreamer in 2013 as an element for my paintings. This character is inspired by one of my favorite cartoon heroes.

Daydreamer is a collection of fifteen digital illustrations where images from my paintings and digital elements are combined to create these compositions. In each of these works, one can observe the face of my characters with different masks depicting portions of my paintings. This is an effort to portray our inner existence. The background representing the outside world was digitally created according to the title of the painting in the mask. When we daydream, we basically exist in two realities, the inner and outer. Based on these observations this collection was developed.


Daydream [ dey-dream ] A dreamlike musing or fantasy while awake, especially of the fulfillments of wishes or hopes.

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The most popular NFTs that are recently being sold are mainly the artforms that couple up creativity and technology.


An NFT artist can create multiple editions of their pieces, each edition with its own unique token. Think of this like making a print of an original created physically, but limited and with provable ownership.


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DAYDREAMER #01 /10minted on 01. 20. 22

NFTs create a fantastic medium where physical objects, including arts, can be easily tokenized. It removes duplication of search works, and the ownership is limited to the artist only. It mainly leads to artwork scarcity, and you can get value.


Daydreamer #01/10 was inspired by my painting, "Shades on and Take a Selfie".

The action of taking a selfie is harmless. However, when we take a selfie it is important to remember and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.

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